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Whenever I speak to a potential bride I love to hear how her fiancé proposed! I love how she lights up when describing how he planned out all those sweet, thoughtful details. I especially love when I get to share in the surprise and document such a momentous occasion for a couple. Pure joy.

When Tim contacted me in early November about photographing his proposal to Laura, I was thrilled! I thought for sure he was going to propose during the holidays, but he said he wanted to wait a week or two after Christmas so that she would be completely surprised. He had most everything planned out over a month before the proposal, including a stunning ring he designed that included a precious family heirloom-his grandmother’s diamond. He decided that the chapel at Calloway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia would make the perfect backdrop, and it definitely did. The stone chapel sits nestled in the woods overlooking a beautiful lake, and features large stained glass windows and a pipe organ that plays throughout the day…an incredibly picturesque scene.

When the day arrived, the weather was just gorgeous–it was a chilly January day filled with warm sunshine! As we walked down towards the chapel to get in place, I could hear the organ music playing from inside and echoing across the water, it was just heavenly. We took our place across the lake and waited on them to arrive…

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Tim, how did you plan everything so perfectly without Laura finding out?
“I’d have to say I was very lucky. I spent lots of time planning, and it all came together better than I could have ever imagined. Laura kept hinting that she was ready to get engaged, and I would remember little things she would say and try to add that to my plan. She had no idea I was already planning the proposal. Every little detail. With the help of Jessie & our families we put the final touches on the plan. I had to arrange to get our families there without Laura knowing, get Jessie there without her seeing her, and time everything out so it all just felt like a normal day to Laura. It was a team effort, no doubt.”

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Were you nervous that day? And could Laura tell?
“Somehow I was able to keep my nerves calm the day of the proposal…..right up until the moment I got on one knee. At that moment, all the nerves hit and I was at a loss for words. I forgot everything I had planned to say! We were actually both at a loss for words, which made it so special…I realized in that moment that it didn’t matter what I said anyway, I was proposing to the girl of my dreams and the person I want to spend the rest of my life with…I just wanted to soak up that moment.”

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Tim, after planning out the perfect proposal and keeping it a surprise, can you offer any advice to guys that are planning their own special proposal?
“If I could give anyone advice on proposing I would say be yourself, don’t do anything too far from the normal if you’re trying to make it a surprise, and take your time planning because this is a one time thing. Be sure to have someone photograph it if you can. Laura really loved that I hired a professional photographer to document the proposal for us, especially since looking back it was a blur–it all happened so quickly. Jessie captured memories of that day that will last a lifetime.”

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Laura, tell me about how you and Tim met…
“Surprisingly, it all started with a blind date. I always told myself I’d never go on a blind date, but here I am marrying the man from my first and only blind date! He is the “fairytale” man I always dreamed of. He is old fashioned, which I feel is so rare these days. After a couple of dates and getting to know Tim, I secretly told myself “I’m going to marry that man some day!” I guess I’m a little biased when I say this, but our little love story is by far my favorite! What I love so much about our little love story is that it’s not a fairytale, it’s our reality! I absolutely cannot wait to become your WIFE, Tim!!!

Did you have any idea he was planning such a sweet proposal?
“For probably the past year, I kept dropping hints about him popping the big question. His response every time was, “every time you ask or have someone try to pry information from me, I’m adding another month.” ….and even though I wanted it to be a surprise, I snooped in every way possible. I even snooped through his wallet and found a business card to a jewelry store! I thought it would be funny to snapchat a picture of the card to our friends. Let’s just say, I know who has Tim’s back now. That picture I sent only bought me a ring box dangling on the Christmas tree for a month and then opening an EMPTY box on Christmas Day!! It held a note that said “I owe you one!” I must say that Tim redeemed himself from the empty box with how well he did with his proposal. What I didn’t know during all the time of me driving him crazy was that he was secretly planning the proposal of my dreams.”

What was your favorite part of all his planning?
“I love all of the little details he put into that day. He even designed my engagement ring all by himself. I was a little shocked on how perfect it was! The diamond was a family heirloom that had belonged to his grandmother, and I loved that! I can’t even explain how special and sentimental my ring is to me. He even planned to have everything photographed, and these are pictures I will cherish forever. ”

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