Robert Trent Jones Engagement Session - Prattville, Alabama Wedding Photographer -

Robert Trent Jones Engagement Session – Prattville, Alabama Wedding Photographer

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It’s wedding week for Haley and Mark!! I had a fantastic time with them at Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Capitol Hill for their engagement session. These two are so in love and perfect for each other in every single way! Read their Q&A below, including the romantic proposal Mark planned for his sweetheart {take notes, guys 😉 }.
Enjoy these and stay tuned for more of this beautiful couple next week on Facebook and Instagram!

Haley, how did you meet Mark?  I met Mark through his younger brother. We met at the movies and I just remember thinking to myself “oh my gosh, this guy is hot and tall, and there is no way he is going to like me.” I was really shy at first but after we started talking, we hit it off. It seemed like everything just fell into place from then on.

Tell me a fun fact about your relationship/the two of you:  Mark is 2 years older than me and we actually went to the same high school but we never knew each other!

Mark, how would you describe your first date?  We first met on a double date with my brother and his girlfriend. We were both shy at first and I remember thinking about how beautiful she was. We hit it off great and never looked back.

Mark, when did you know Haley was “the one”?  I have always seemed to know that Haley was “the one”. From the very beginning, something was incredibly special about her.

Haley?  I knew Mark was the one for me after we had been dating for a couple months. Everything just seemed to fit perfectly and I knew that no one else could match him.

Haley, tell us about the night Mark proposed…  Honestly, his proposal to me was like a Cinderella story. We had made dinner plans for Central in downtown Montgomery and when we arrived downtown, I saw the horse and carriage on the street. I said to Mark “oh wow that would be so much fun to ride.” He was like “yeah that would be cool.” Little did I know that he had already made reservations for us to ride on the horse and carriage! As we rode along, I was still just so surprised, and the thought never even crossed my mind that he was about to propose. He asked the driver to stop at the Court Square Fountain so we could take some pictures, which should have been a red flag because we never take pictures, but I was caught up in the excitement of the carriage ride. We took a few pictures, and as I started to head back to the carriage he grabbed my hand and told me how much he loved me and got down on one knee and popped the question. I felt like I was in a fairytale the entire timeit was the perfect proposal!

Mark, did the proposal go just as you’d planned?  Yes, the proposal was such a special moment. I had called ahead of time and arranged a carriage ride through downtown Montgomery. I informed them of my plans and they were great in seeing that everything went well and was not obvious. Haley was under the impression that we were going to dinner when I surprised her with the carriage ride. The weather was greatit was the perfect night for it! We stopped at the fountain and took a couple of pictures and then I proposed before we went back to the carriage. (She said yes!) Haley was ecstatic and so was I. After the ride we went to dinner and then went to celebrate at a gathering of both of our families. It was a special evening and couldn’t have gone any better.

What are you two most looking forward to about your wedding day?
Haley: I’m looking forward to sharing our special day with everyone and celebrating this wonderful milestone in our lives.
Mark: Marrying the love of my life and sharing that with all our family and friends.

Haley, why did you select Robert Trent Jones for your engagement photos?  Golf has always been a big part of my life, I played throughout high school and college. Mark and I both enjoy playing golf together, and we felt like RTJ was the perfect place to reflect who we are as a couple. RTJ has breathtaking views that overlook parts of the Alabama River and Montgomery.

Mark, what do you love most about Haley?  How sweet and caring she is. She’s extremely kindhearted and I love that.

Haley, what’s your favorite thing about Mark?  My favorite thing about Mark is the little kid inside of him. I can be so mad at him one second and he will make a funny face or say something completely off the wall and I just can’t help but smile, no matter how hard I fight it. Another thing I love about him is that he has the biggest heart and he cherishes family time.

What are you most looking forward to about being husband and wife?
Mark: I’m most looking forward to just being together and experiencing everything life has to offer as a couple and not just as individuals.
Haley: I am looking forward to just getting our lives started. I’m excited to be able to come home and spend time with him each day, and enjoy all life’s experiences side by side with my best friend.

Photography:  /  Location: Robert Trent Jones at Capitol Hill


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  1. Jennifer Turner Esneault says:

    I love the warm, rich tones. beautiful session. <3

  2. Kay Nova says:

    Beautiful couple and scenery! My favorite picture is the one of them under a giant tree with sun peeking through. Stunning!

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